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usami_ayaka's Journal

Usami Ayaka
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Gravity works two ways. It's the force that makes you fall...and it's the force that tears you away from that you care about.

...Aaand, end random thought.

I'm Usami Ayaka, heiress to the Temple Hotel (fear the sarcasm in those words), formerly engaged to a writer and now dating a guitarist. Ah, the attractions of tortured souls.

Anything else you'd want to know...will have to be implied. Frankly, I'm exhausted.



*IC Friends List*


[ Pfft, and if you think this journal is real you should be shot. For several reasons, including THINKING AN ANIME CHARACTER WOULD HAVE A JOURNAL. I, personally, claim no responsiblity for Ayaka-chan. She's someone else's property, and this journal, a part of the faithingravity RPG, is maintained soley by _chrysalis_. So nyah. ]